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12th Apr 2017
This is the second in the staged awards presented by the Fairtrade Foundation and...
6th Jun 2016
The Biology Department are delighted to announce the arrival of 5 Runner Ducklings....
6th Jun 2016
The UK Space Agency and RHS have turned half a million UK children, including...
8th May 2016
Year 8 Zoology Club pupils enjoyed helping Ulster Wildlife at Rossglass Beach survey...
15th Jan 2016
The Waste Beater Bus Year 8 and 9 pupils had the opportunity to spend some time in...

Key Stage 3 Overview

Science is delivered in Years 8 & 9 as a unified subject where the skills needed in subsequent years

are established and the foundations of each discipline are laid. The subject is organised into modules

devised by specialist staff in each of the 3 science departments and assessed formatively and

summatively. Biology is taught as a separate science by specialised teachers from Year 10, building

depth into the previous year’s topics.


GCSE Overview

Pupils follow the CCEA specification. Most GCSE pupils choose to study Biology as a separate

subject or in the context of Double Award Science. Coursework accounts for 25% of the course and

is completed during class time.

Unit 1 (year 11) and Unit 2 (year 12) are examined externally in June of Year 12.

Subject content is varied and includes topics ranging from Cells and Digestion to the Circulatory

System and Applied Genetics. There is a field trip at the end of year 11.


A-Level Overview

Students at AS level follow the CCEA syllabus. Biology is one of the most popular subjects for Year

13 students with 60-70 starting the AS course and the majority continuing to A2. A field study visit to

Portaferry to explore the diversity and abundance of life in our local environment is an integral part of

the course.

Units 1 and 2 (year 13) are externally examined in June of Year 13 and Units 4 and 5 (year 14) at the

end of year 14. Unit 3 consists of externally moderated coursework which is carried out during school


Topics include Biological Molecules, the Variety of Life, Immunity, Applied Genetics and




Mrs R Wilson (Acting Head of Department)

Dr Karen Napier

Mrs Lindsey Hendersen

Mrs Annabel Cleave

Mr Michael Rainey – Technical Support

"Biology is the only science in which multiplication means the same thing as division."